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Easy Steps to Unblocking Your Hotmail Account If your Hotmail account is blocked, you’re not alone since thousands of people have experienced the same issue in the past. Well, the most traditional response is to file a complaint, but the thing is there are actually several easy ways you can do in order to attempt to unblock your own account. First of all, know that there can also be different reasons why you no longer can sign in your account. The most common cause is entering the wrong password multiple times and reaching the number of allowable tries. It can also be because another person tried to sign in to your Hotmail account without your permission and used a wrong password. Furthermore, there’s a possibility that the account was suspended due to a type of activity that Hotmail prohibits. Lastly, there also is a chance that someone might have hacked your account and upon logging in, effectively changed the log in details. So now let’s go down to the ways in which you can save your account by unblocking it. The first step is to attempt to reset your password, provided this option is still available. If you can recall, you were asked to answer several security questions back when you signed up for a Hotmail account. If you remember the answers to those security questions, then there’s no reason to be worried because you’ll be able to unblock your account. Once your account is unblocked, don’t forget to change or update your login details.
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But if the first step won’t work for you, the next step is to reach out to the Hotmail technical support. But first, don’t forget to figure out the exact words or message Hotmail gave when you signed in to your account and failed. You must be ready to provide your personal information because the technical team will definitely ask for it for identity validation purposes. Obviously, this is a requisite to make sure they know they’re not dealing with a poser or identity thief.
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If technical support can’t help, you can simply request for a new password to be sent to the other email address you provided in creating the account. But obviously, for this method to work, your alternate email must be working and is active. But in case the alternate email you used no longer exists or is inactive, it means this method is no longer feasible. We get it – being unable to access your Hotmail account is so disappointing and frustrating, but in many of the instances, it’s just a minor mix-up and you’ll eventually get access if you follow those tips above.