5 Problems You Might Encounter When Building a Computer

The motherboard doesn’t fit in the case: this is simply a problem of ordering a motherboard without knowing the mobu type the case could hold. When you buy your computer case you need to be sure it can fit your motherboard. There are four types of motherboards; mini ITX, micro ATX, ATX and extended ATX. The way I have them listed here is from smallest to largest.

Using the wrong type of RAM; the newer RAM is often not compatible with older types of RAM, even if the slots are the same on the motherboard. DDR2 needs to be installed in a DDR2 specific motherboard. DDR3 is specific to DDR3 motherboards, etc.

RAM not operating at specified speed. If your DDR3 RAM is running at 1333 instead of the 1600MHz it was rated to operate, you will need to make some simple changes in the BIOS. Upping the multiplier in order to land at your rated speed is easy. But DDR3 RAM will default to 1333 unless it is a slower RAM speed. The newer RAM is not an install it and forget it RAM type. You may need to tweak it in BIOS to get it working properly and at full performance.

My computer keeps shutting itself off. This could be caused by your CPU overheating. If you did not install your thermal paste correctly overheating could occur. Remove the CPU cooler, scrape off the paste and install a thin layer (thick enough so that you cannot …

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Speed Up Your Computer – Some Methods to Help You Speed Up Computers

Nowadays, in order to speed up the computer, many users may use various ways. In fact, since a large number of reasons can account for the slow speed of computer, it is good to handle them respectively with specific methods.

Here I would like to tell you some methods to speed up computer.

In the first place, let us learn how many files are related to defragmentation.

Continuous files are the ones that every part is restored in the same area equally in the disk. Fragmented file means that a file is scattered and put on the different places in the disk. Unmovable file means that defragmenting is unable to move them. They are the system running files. When defragmenting, it is impossible to move them, such as page file of virtual memory.

You can see what you really need to remove is the fragmented files. You can delete them manually by clicking “Start”-“Programs”-“Accessories”-“System Tools”-“Disk Defragmenter”. As for the unmovable files, you should not remove some of them, because if you do that, the system is vulnerable to go crash.

And, If it is not so easy to clear up files of some relatively large software and they can bring about more new fragments after defragmenting disk, it is better for you to move them to other disk first to defragment the current one and then move them back again after finishing it.

Besides, you can clear up the pre-reading files. Though the pre-reading settings of Windows XP …

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