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Social Media Images – A Way to Express Oneself

If you want to communicate your feelings through pictures then it is a must on your part to choose them wisely.

As of today, people don’t really pay much attention to details not unless it caught their attention. This is the main reason why images is significant nowadays especially on social media.

People are mostly visual learners which in turns allow them to process photographs at a faster rate. Photograph is a perfect way to convey one’s emotion since the human brain can process a particular object with a duration of 100 milliseconds.

With the Right Images You Can Catch One’s Attention

There is so much going on in social media and so the use of images is a perfect way to catch the attention of people. Captivating pictures in social media posts is one of the primary reasons why people read further.

The curiosity of people towards a particular information is heightened if thee see an interesting photo with it since the brain is programmed to do it.

But of course, you cannot just present any photo in your social media posts it must be relevant to the preferences of your target audience. If by any chance your focus are bachelors, say those in college then posting pictures with families will not catch their attention. And so what you will focus is a photograph that will make your audience think and contemplate.

The Power of Using Varied Photos

Try to use different pictures to hold the attention of your readers or followers. The best way to keep them interested with your posts is to use varied images like candid pictures taken through mobile phones, banners made with the
, memes, stock images and more.

If you put variety in the images you posts then people will not think of your posts as outdated and boring. The risk of losing followers is minimal since they feel excited and interested with your new posts.

It is not also a good thing to use photos of yourself in your posts. Keep in mind that you are using social media because you want people to be interested with your posts hence if you post something about yourself most of your readers will think, what’s in it for them?

Images Help in Conveying Message to Your Audience

There are studies conducted showing that there is a minimal chance for people to remember what they hear after 72 hours. If you will use relevant images along with your posts, there is a 65% chance that they will remember it even if 3 days have already passed.

If you are trying to make a particular brand marketable to the public the use of relevant image in your posts is something that you must pay attention.