Ethernet Network Cabling – Various Types and Applications

Networking your home computer system is not as complicated as it sounds. The Internet connection comes into the house and is connected to the modem. If you have a wireless modem then the Internet can be reached through a wireless card if each computer has one. If you want a computer network that is more secure and is not affected by interference between the computer and the modem then attaching each computer with cat5e network cable streamlines the Internet to each computer. You can hook up as many computers as your modem can hold.

Older computer networks had cat5 cables but these cables have been advanced to the new cat5e cables, both work the same but cat5e network cable is faster and more durable. This long lasting cables give a good clear connection at a reasonable price. The even newer Cat6 cables give a faster connection but upgrading the cables will not increase the speed without upgrading the system. So the best network connection on the market right now is the cat5e cables. They come with plugs at both ends. One end plugs into the modem the second plugs into the computer giving a direct connection to that computer.

This cat5e network cable can be purchased at any of the office supply stores, Wal-mart, or Internet supply stores. Most network installers run the wire and then put plugs on each end so that the length of the network cable is the exact length needed to connect that computer. When purchased they come in standard lengths, so you need to decide which length will reach the computer and how much slack you will need at that location. By running cables to each computer you have a secure individual connection to each computer. With the wireless cards you are broadcasting your Internet service into the air and then pass- wording it to keep it safe from being used by other people.

The cat5e networking cable can be routed around the outside or the room, or can be strung in the ceiling and walls to keep them out of sight. These cables can also be attached to plug plates and the computer can be plugged into the wall plate and the modem plugged into a plug plate at the other end. These cable network gives a security system and maintains the speed of the Internet.