Choosing the Laptop Business Laptop That is Best For the Enterprise

Choosing the Laptop Business That is Best For the Enterprise

There are several factors to consider when searching for a laptop business laptop. This article outlines all of the essential considerations and has hyperlinks to extra facts.

Aspects Of A Business Laptop Or Computer

A laptop inherently comes together with the benefit of portability, which is important, but not all laptops are made equal. It’s vital to know your business and what your computers are being utilized for.


The whole purpose behind utilizing a laptop is the fact that they’re able to shop a lot more details and do calculations more rapidly than any human. Could you think about keeping all your Word & Excel documents in a filing cabinet?

Depending on what types of things you need the laptop to do, you want to ensure that your business machine has certain specifications in terms of speed and memory.

Battery Life

A very important factor of laptops, in general, is the length of time that the battery lasts.

Some have bigger batteries than others, and some use far more power than others. Every notebook computer will provide you with approximate battery life, but the amount of time you have before needing to plug it in ultimately depends on the computer’s make and model. Also, the number of programs you’re running.

Screen Size

If you’re like most people, the size of the screen will be an essential factor to think about when looking to buy a laptop business computer system. Laptop screen sizes range from 11 inches up to 20 inches (measured diagonally).

If you’re employing the computer system for presentations or viewing rich media like Flash files or movies, you may need a larger screen.

Another consideration is the fact that the size of the screen typically determines the size in the notebook. Thus, if you want a small, sleek notebook, you’ll want to look for smaller screen sizes.

Input/Output Selection

Examples of input devices are CD-Rom drives and USB ports, while the output is speakers or headphone jacks and extended or secondary monitor output. Smaller laptops usually have fewer input and output options, which can be significant depending on what you’ll be applying the machine for.


It is hard to fit all the components of a computer into a compact space. That is why laptop graphics usually suffer when compared to those of a desktop business computer, but it is possible to get high-end video output on your laptop if you need it.

Certain makes and models perform better in terms of graphics. For extra info, contact an expert.


The smaller and lighter it is, the easier it will be to carry your pc to and from the office. Laptops come in a variety of sizes and weights, which, as mentioned before, is determined mainly by the screen size and overall performance level of the laptop.


If you’re like most businesses, the actual price of a laptop notebook laptop or computer will be one of the main considerations in the decision.

Typically, laptops cost extra than desktops. There is also a wide range of prices within laptops, all depending on what you’re looking for and what your business needs.

Classifications of Business Notebook Computers

Given the aspects of laptops listed above, it is up to you to decide what your employees or colleagues need in a laptop personal computer.

The Super Portables

Laptops in this category are very small and can almost fit in your pocket (ok, maybe not THAT small). We find that upper management tends to like these types of laptops as they primarily use them for writing emails and reading online articles.

These laptop business computers will be super portable and have a smaller screen size, but will lack in all other elements, especially battery life, performance, and input/output selection

The Light and Thins

These laptops are thin and light (hence the name). They are generally utilized for the frequent flyer or outside salesperson who needs a portable personal computer.

These laptops will give you the power, battery life, and screen size you’re looking for at the right price. Unfortunately, you will probably find the input/output port selection to be thin, and the graphics won’t be top-of-the-line.

The Standard Notebook

This category encompasses the majority of laptops out there today.

The screen size is usually around 15 inches, which is perfect for portability (most laptop business pc carrying cases are made for this category of the laptop).

You will find that these laptops have a great battery life, and come with all the input/output ports you need. The only thing you might find missing is the high-end performance and graphics. If you need those elements, look to the desktop replacements below.